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Heidi Gottlieb Career Success Coach

I work with career changers who want to reinvent themselves, develop a career trajectory, shift negative thoughts, and create positive habits in order to Master their Success and take control of their careers. I know what that’s about, I’ve been there.

Over ten years ago now I had a near death experience when I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Before then I had been in the marketing and advertising business for twenty years; I was a successful television commercial executive producer who owned my own company.

Producers are “can do” people; we know anything is possible. There are always problems and issues, but equally there are always solutions. We believe that everything can be figured out. I produced over 800 award winning Fortune500 commercials for many corporations including: Citibank, Budweiser, Sprint, Maybelline, Bank of America, Chevrolet, Ford, Oscar Mayer, Campbell’s and on and on; I worked with a plethora of celebrities, among which were Julie Andrews (“the hills are alive”), professional basketball player David Robinson, Betty White, Baltimore Orioles Cal Ripken Jr. (“The Iron Man”), Bill Cosby (who knew), Florence Henderson, Mets World Series catcher Gary Carter, Jamie Lee Curtis to name just a few.

A big part of that business was networking, perseverance, sales and negotiating. I loved it! My innate ability to negotiate deals, organize and schedule a multitude of events at the same time, as well as being able to support and impact the most optimal decisions necessary in order to create the best outcomes made being a producer MY perfect career. I grew up loving advertising (“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”), I had been putting things in order and “making events happen” ever since I was in grade school, and I also enjoyed the money that the advertising business enabled me to earn. Then in what seemed like my having to make an almost overnight decision, I had to close my business and put all my energy and attention towards figuring out how I was going to survive brain cancer. I’ve been one of the fortunate few who’ve lived to talk about it. My two girls at the time were on the cusp of going to college (expensive), the fact that my husband and I were happily married (that has stayed the same) helped fortify us all through the experience, but our financial situation changed a lot. We needed to move somewhere we could afford, and I needed to delve deeply into a higher consciousness about my life and my career afterward.

I thought intensely about reinventing myself. I was not going back to the world of advertising. The advertising world had begun to change even before I was diagnosed. I wasn’t the right age, (it helps if you’re not much older than 40), or energy level, or mindset for the same kind of work I had been doing before I left that business. What work would make me feel as fulfilled as I felt being in the advertising business? I started working with a coach and found the courage to face the mental and emotional blocks that were preventing me from making significant changes. Working with a coach was one of the most important steps I took towards recreating that mindset of success. Through that work I found the strength to start my own non-profit #BrainMatters to raise awareness and funds to support brain cancer. That was a very important start. I walked 250 miles for the cause and talked about my experience and the need for more funds for research. It was during that walk I decided I really wanted to earn my coaching certification. Coaches like producers feel that anything is possible…that things can always be figured out.

I wanted to launch my own career coaching business in order to work with others so they could take control and find their next career calling. I wanted to help them dig down and find the focus, courage and perseverance to discover their opportunities, because without doing so the opportunities wouldn’t find them. Once they found those opportunities I’d also help them negotiate the best job offer possible.

Having transitioned my own career, I understand career challenges, old beliefs, sabotaging habits, fears, and the ultimate satisfaction, gratification, and success you feel when you get to where you want to be. My style is characterized by curiosity, empathy, and fierce commitment to transformation. I combine a grounded presence, a sense of humor, with a spirited tendency to “speak my mind” in service of learning and growth. I love working with people who know that they are destine to do something meaningful in this life and want to use more of their talent and ability to live a bigger life. I draw from a wide range of tools and business experience that includes, networking, sales, marketing, budgeting, advertising, planning, and goal setting as well as my personal interests like theater, film, the outdoors, cooking…and of course chocolate ☺

I invite you to take the step to feel more confident, more focused, more positive, more courageous, more perseverant, and more fulfilled by scheduling an introductory session to believe in yourself and further your SUCCESS.

It’s amazing to know that what it is you want to happen will happen, not to just hope it will happen. If you’re ready to take that next step and reinvent your career for your fulfillment, success, and happiness, then you can sign-up for a FREE 30-MINUTE STRATEGY CALL with me today and see why you haven’t reached your career goals or been able to reinvent yourself yet and how you can start! It’s marvelous how much two people together are able to accomplish! That first call can be the beginning of everything-it was for me. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take this moment and make it perfect”.

Life is too short!


Heidi Gottlieb