About Heidi Gottlieb

My name is Heidi Gottlieb. I am a Leadership and Transitional Coach, I dare you to bring out the strength in yourself while edging you rigorously towards what is possible in business and life. One of my greatest joys is helping my clients get clear, confident, and get moving. My passion is to help my clients to uncover their career calling and to create a plan to make it become a reality. One of my greatest joys as a professional coach is to watch my clients succeed.

I had a near death experience when I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008…it was during this time that I delved deeply into a higher consciousness about my life and my career and how I wanted to help others do the same. My amazing breakthrough was to become a coach and help guide people to become confident every day. I created my 7-Step EMPOWER plan, to help people define and live their passions, get clear on their direction and what they can get paid well for, and how to stay the course for what they want and deserve.

Before becoming a coach I was a television commercial producer; I produced over 800 memorable award winning Fortune500 commercials; I had an innate ability to negotiate deals, organize and schedule a multitude of events at the same time, and to support and impact the most optimal decisions necessary in order to create the best outcomes. I also have established a non-profit dedicated to raising critically needed awareness and funding for brain cancer.

Having transitioned my own career, I understand first-hand about career challenges, change, and the ultimate satisfaction, gratification, and success you feel when you get to the top of your ladder. My style is characterized by curiosity, empathy, and fierce commitment to transformation. I combine a grounded presence, a sense of humor, with a spirited tendency to “speak my mind” in service of learning and growth. I love working with people who know that they are destine to do something meaningful in this life and want to use more of their talent and ability to live a bigger life. I draw from a wide range of personal interests that include theater, film, kayaking, outdoors, cooking, and definitely chocolate.

I invite you to take the step to feel more confident, more focused, and more fulfilled by scheduling an introductory session to climb the ladder of EMPOWERMENT. Want to uncover your career calling? It’s an amazing feeling to know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. It’s amazing to know that what it is you want to happen will happen, not to just hope it will happen. If you’re a leader ready to take that next step or to transition your career for your fulfillment, success, and happiness, then sign up today to MASTER YOUR SUCCESS and let’s start seeing what we can do together.


Heidi Gottlieb