"Opportunities Don't
Happen, You Create Them"




Why We Do What We Do?

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Do you think every little thing you do is magic? I doubt it! There’s always room for improvement. Sometimes there’s more room in areas for some than for others. Are you as good a listener as you’d like to be? Do the people you love think so? Are you thoughtful? When you come up with [...]

What do you believe?

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To believe the impossible dream. What do you believe? Is it working for you? Do you believe that you’re able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Do you fear you won’t be able to? We all have our beliefs, do those beliefs work for us? Are your beliefs allowing you to achieve your dreams? [...]

So Are You Waiting For Everything To Be Perfect?

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I write my blogs because I want to impart some helpful information I’ve learned along what has felt at times like a “bumpy road” in my life. I also write them so I can look back and remind myself what I myself have learned along that road. We do forget. I always recommend keeping some [...]

7 Ways To Hop Off Your Personal Treadmill!

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Do you often feel like you’re on your own personal treadmill? You hop on in the morning-you feel like you just left it not so long ago the night before and before you know it…the day is off…you’re on it…and so it goes? Where it goes no one knows. Often we’re so busy doing, we [...]