This Degas quote might also be thought of as Sales!

Are things going the way you want them to go? Are you getting the clients you want to get? The type of clients, the number of clients? Are you making the connections you want to be making? “Are you wishing upon a magic star because you know that it makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come true, if your heart is in your dream?”

Following your dream is very important, your passion is very important, but you should be able to paint your picture for others to see your vision. You have to be able to sell your idea! Sales is an art, and an important part of the SUCCESS equation! Many entrepreneurs are afraid of selling, it seems like a bad word, but if they think about it, they probably have been selling their whole life. We all have.

If you want something and need to convince someone else to have that “something”, you will sell them on why you need it. It’s the same thing in business. Here are some things to keep in mind so you can paint the picture for others to see:

  1. Let them know what a good deal they’re getting. You understand your product or service because you’ve thought it up, lived it, you know it backwards and forwards, but other people are first being introduced to it. They don’t know anything about the inside story. The sales part is educating them about what sparked you to put all the pieces together, letting them understand the backstory, and making them understand what a huge difference your product will make in their lives, and that they will know how amazing it will be to invest their money in your product, not just because of how great it is that you’ve made this dream come true, but because the quality of your product is the best money can buy.
  1. Your product provides a solution. You need to know what pains and struggles your customer is dealing with. Let your customer know what your product is going to do for them? What is your product going to help them with more than other products out there? Maybe your product will help them with something they didn’t even know bothered them yet? Let them understand that. This is a huge selling point.
  1. Everyone likes a deal. When you’re letting your customer know about your fantastic product, if you can also provide additional monetary value then that’s terrific. Don’t feel however, that you need to be the cheapest one out there. This can be read as many different things. Price appropriately-price what you feel is right
  1. There are many places to sell your product and tell your story. It used to be you would pick up the phone and make calls, or knock on doors. In the world of social media we Tweet, Facebook…we’re Linkedin. We can do local talks at libraries, town halls, and conferences. I recently discovered BuildMyList, which is a terrific way to be able to build your email list and connect with other entrepreneurs. The cost of this software is $49 and provides so much. If you want to know more click here: BML

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