IMG_2601In order to change something we have to feel the need to want to change it! If you can tolerate the fact that things are laden in too much dust and dirt, then you won’t be busting out the vacuum cleaner anytime soon. If someone next door to you continually makes noise after midnight and you don’t say anything about it, but just instead decide to put all your mindful power towards hoping that those disrespectful souls will notice their disrespectfulness, then it’s very possible that that noise may not be disappearing anytime soon. If you are feeling really sick for what is seeming like a really inordinately amount of time, but instead of going to your doctor because you’re afraid of what you’ll hear or what tests you might have to take, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. If you’re in a job you don’t like, but don’t pursue anything beyond that job because you don’t think you could get anything better, you are being your own worst enemy.


If you are comfortable being unhappy, how will you be able to see the light? If you are willing to settle for things that aren’t what they can be, then how will you ever be able to know what they are able to be?


It’s important if you are someone that leans towards settling into mediocrity, that you learn how to rattle your cage and not settle. It’s important that you realize that to achieve success, you cannot be someone who is comfortable in unhappiness.


The next time you feel that you are given or offered something that is not what you want or asked for, say something about it. There is nothing lost by disagreeing or negotiating for that middle ground so you don’t feel like the one that has lost. When you speak out, you will feel better for having done so, and those around you will respect you more as well. Not settling for unhappiness is like any exercise, the more you use those muscles, the stronger they will become.


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