What big changefairytalescometrue would you want to make in your life? Have you thought about what  it would be like to have your dream career? Maybe you wish for that relationship in your life that you feel could last forever…or that you’d want to last forever?  Have you been trying for years to lose weight and keep it off?  Or are you dealing with some difficult parenting issues right now and wish you knew how to be a better parent to your kids?

This isn’t the Wizard of Oz where you click your red heeled shoes, or wave a magic wand…but fairy tales can come true.  You need to figure our exactly what you want to do, what is in your way, believe in yourself, and “it can happen for you”.

We’ve all been read stories since we were young, about fantastic, bigger than life souls that  have been able to surmount the odds and accomplish huge feats to become world renown, historic, iconic individuals. The reality is that not everyone in the world is or will become world renown, but they still do and can change the world. You can change the world. You can get paid for the clarity of following your heart’s desires.  Ask yourself how strong is your sense of purpose? What is it that drives you and/or your business? The stronger the drive the better you will do. There is nothing that will stop you. This sense of unstoppable force works for any change you wish to accomplish; it’s the gas in your tank.

As a Transformational Career Coach, one of the first couple of  questions I ask my clients is: if you were able to wave your magic wand, where would you like your career to be in the next year? The second question I ask is: if it was just the way you liked it to be, what would that do for you?  It’s amazing the responses! Its amazing what sense of strength, purpose and optimism people begin to feel. It’s the gas in their tank. Love to know your thoughts! I offer a FREE one-on-one 30 minute “Discover Your Dream Career” Coaching Session. It’s amazing what a difference 30 minutes can make. Interested?Call me at 646-775-2747 or email: heidi@LifeCoaching-Matters.com.