Do you find yourself disappointed at your present career? Has being at that job made you feel unclear about what it is you want to do next? Did you feel that before you started this job, you knew better about what it was that you enjoyed doing for a living than you know now? That’s okay, it happens. It’s okay that not every job is perfect for us. Sometimes it doesn’t become exactly clear until after we’ve spent some time at that job…unfortunately. Just because where you are presently is not right, doesn’t mean everything sucks. It’s another step on the proverbial road to success. Look at it this way, the job you’ve been at has helped you figure out what you don’t like. Now you need the time and thought to figure out what it is that you do want and how you’re going to get it.


Americans are working longer than ever, with nearly 9 million of us age 65 and older. Are you at your present job because you were laid off from your last job? Maybe you had that one for a long time…maybe you didn’t. Maybe what’s good about this job is that it pays the bills. Did you think/hope you would like it more than you do? Did you start-up a business after years at a job you were tired of? You thought you would love it, but it’s sapping you of every bit of energy and time? You feel that it’s not really paying you anything much yet (which perhaps you prepared yourself for) but you’re having a hard time remembering what things you would like about it in the first place.


Now you’re thinking that what you’d like is a job that uses your experience and expertise, but also pays you a salary you can depend on. What you’d like is just a different job, that’s better than the one you had before starting your business. If you had a salary you could count on, then you would be more relaxed. Would you? You think you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur, but you’re not really sure. If you make a change you would like to be sure that the change is going to really lead you more towards a feeling of success. Whether you’re self-employed or employed by others, what you want is CLARITY. You know you have talents, but you can’t seem to get in touch with which jobs those talents would be best suited. How should you showcase your talents to those people hiring so it’s known how really perfect you would be for each other?


Does this sound familiar? You’ve thought about making a career change quite a bit. You’ve put a substantial amount of intellectual energy into it. If you’ve looking for a job at company, you have in the past put out resumes and cover letters to headhunters and employers. If you’ve started a business, you’ve created websites, written blogs, joined groups, and given classes. The results for the degree of moxie you feel you’ve invested aren’t what you imagined they would be. You have been working too long to feel this way, but things happen. You feel there must be more out there for you. You’re not old, but you didn’t just graduate from college, and people’s, thoughts, and ideas become fine-tuned about what they want, but  may not be clear enough. Here are few things to begin with if you want to make a career change:




Ask yourself what you like about the job you have or had most recently? Is there anything? Do you like meeting people? Making phone calls? Pulling together stats? Creating newsletters? Working with people? Working alone? Is there anything? These are a few ideas. What other things do you like doing that aren’t necessarily things you do at your job but you really enjoy? Write them down. You also will want to think about those things that make you feel like you can’t wait to leave the office. What makes you count down the minutes between lunch and leave time? Write those things down. This list will give you good insight into not only what you like doing, but what you do well. Think about your employer and what you like about them, and if you had a similar job at a different company, what the differences were between those companies. Remember what things you liked about one over the other. Write it down. Are you unhappy with the job or the employer? Are you self-employed? What do you like and what don’t you like? Often unless we write these things down we don’t pay attention or we forget.



What career would be best for you? When you have a career coach and they listen to you talk about what it is that you like and don’t like, they can work with you to come up with career paths that you might not be aware are even out there in the world; they can support you in your awareness and help you gain access to new opportunities. It’s valuable for you to network with others and be sure to follow up with them within 24-hours after meeting them in order to stay fresh in their minds. Take the process one step at a time, finding your purpose, and reinventing yourself will take time. Listen to what you’re hearing both from yourself and from others.

Ask yourself this: If I had a free Saturday that had to be spent “working” on something, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.

This is most likely your DREAM job.



Once you figure out the career that rocks your proverbial boat, then you’ll want to go after it with total focus. You will have all the vim and vitality that you want because your tank is filled with passion and excitement for the career path that you’ve figured out. You’ll create your short elevator pitch and put together a resume and cover letter that compliments what jobs you’ll be looking to find. You’ll also want to work on your negotiating strategies to connect with those you’ll need to meet to get to where you want to be. At last, you’ll want to feel you have those salary negotiation skills at the ready for your wonderful hiring MOMENT. If you need help with any of these important events, that’s where a good coach can support you with the tools that you need to make it become your reality.


I’d love to hear your thoughts, your ideas, your plans if you are reinventing your career or are thinking of it! Let me know in comments.