Happy Thanksgiving EveBuilditryone!

Have you ever seen the movie Field of Dreams? Love that movie! It’s all about how if you follow your inner voice, your dreams will come true. It’s about how Fairy Tales can come true…they can happen to you. I don’t believe that this just happens in movies or in Disneyland; I believe you have the ability to make what you want to happen…happen. So many of my dreams have become my reality, from following my inner voice. You are in control of your thoughts and your feelings and your choices. We often use vats of time telling others what to do- imagine if you used that same energy for yourself?

Do you feel you’ll never be able to save enough money to travel to that amazing place you’ve thought about traveling to for years? Do you think you’re too old to ever be able to have your dream career ? Did you used to think of running a marathon, but now you feel you can barely walk a few blocks? Do you see other happy couples and think all you’ve had are failed relationships, so you probably aren’t meant to be one of those happy couples? Do you think “it’s just not going to happen to me?” These things can absolutely happen to you! If you do the work to get there, you put out that positive energy that you can do what you want to do…it will happen.

Just yesterday I was going through soIMG_0340me old files. I was purging some clutter. It’s good to purge old clutter. I came across a NYTimes article from 2006, that I had saved about being a Life Coach. Funny! I didn’t remember that I saved it (it was in the clutter)…but apparently I saved it for a reason. I had a real interest in it. I cried when I found it; I had cut out this article when I was beginning to think about what the next step would be for me on my professional path. In 2006, the business I owned, was going through a change, I could look down the road and see that while I really loved what I was doing, the life expectancy of my business wasn’t going to be more than a couple more years. I owned a boutique TV Commercial Production Company…I had already been in television production for over twenty years in many different capacities. I’d been in sales, marketing, producing…but the business was coming to a “wrap”. I could see it. Other businesses were closing or merging. People that I’d known in the business for years were retiring at a relatively young age and thinking of other things they were going to do for a living.  The TV commercial business had been enormously affected by the internet and I needed to think about what my next career love was going to be; I was relatively young, had money saved, had energy and was open and enthusiastic. I didn’t want to settle for anything less than the passion I felt for the career I had been in for over twenty years. I saw that article in 2006 and I guess something STRUCK me. I saved it. Then an unscheduled life change happened. I forgot all about that article.

In June 2007, I started to have trouble swallowing and speaking. I went for what had become my usual MRI follow-up since I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1989. That year it was not usual! That year, I was told that my dormant tumor had surprisingly grown. On that day, all my plans changed. My life changed! I had to have another surgery and more treatment. I closed my business earlier than planned. After treatment, which took quite a long time, I began to think about my next career again. I had been through a lot, I’d been sick, I wasn’t as young, I didn’t have as much money, but I knew I wanted to help people find their dream career and make more money than they imagined. I had done this a few times in my own life and I knew I could help others. I wondered if I could just market myself as an advisor or a consultant, or would it be best if I received some additional training? I did a lot of research and decided to go to school and accrue the number of hours necessary to be an Associate Certified Professional Coach. It’s a dream come true!

How do I know it’s a dream come true? I know it’s a dream come true because 8 years ago, just a few months before I was told that I was going to have to deal again with some serious medical issues, I apparently cut out an article about being a Life Coach, and today I’m a Transformational Career Coach, helping others find their Dream Careers and they’re making more money than they ever thought possible. I’m thankful to be here celebrating Thanksgiving; I’m thankful to be able to help others find their dreams. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.