Success has momentum! I love the sound and feelinIMG_0615g of that, don’t you? Tony Robbins said that, “People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  This is very interesting and from what I’ve observed it’s true. This statement is inspirational.

What is it that motivates you in your life? Are you doing it? Do you like painting? Do you like building things? Do you like making parties? Dealing with kids? Do you like helping people figure out what they want to do with their life and how to live the best one possible? Oh sorry, it’s not about me…it’s about you. Do you like taking pictures or making films? Dealing with numbers, legal matters or health matters? What do you like? What draws your attention? What is it that you’d be choosing to do whether you were getting paid or not? Are you doing that now for a career or a hobby? Are you doing it at all? There are those that make changes because they’re always looking for a way to make things better and there are others who wait to make changes until they know for sure things can’t get any worse. If you don’t make changes, you won’t experience your potential.

We often take time for granted. We’ll get to it tomorrow, or next week, or later. But the chances of our sticking to that schedule isn’t all that great. We don’t feel any extreme sense of urgency. We feel we have all the time in the world. If our life had the same kind of deadlines as so many other things in our lives, we’d be operating at a different speed. In our lives there doesn’t seem to be the same penalties for not sticking to our “personal plan” or “career plan”. For instance, when we don’t pay our bills for the things we like having, we don’t get to keep them. We’d lose our car, our house and our electricity if we didn’t pay our bills. We wouldn’t get to use our cell phone, our computer, or other “whatevers” if we couldn’t pay for them.

We stay at a job we don’t like but it pays well. We’re miserable, but we make money enough to pretend otherwise. You’re overweight but you buy larger clothes and tell yourself you’re just “bigger”. You really want to be an artist but choose to work at something else instead because you need the income, but what you really need is belief in your own talent. But what if you were met with a sudden deadline, one you didn’t choose? What if something was forced upon you, then things would change. You would see the time you had completely differently. If you went to your doctor today for what you thought was a routine visit but instead were told you only had so many years to live, how would you see your time then? What would you do with your days, your week, your life? What is it that you love doing? What it is that you need to be doing? Don’t you think it would become more important to start doing what you want to do now? If you start now, the sooner you’ll be all you want to be! Let the momentum begin! Love your thoughts.

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