How many of us likLessisMore3e lots of choices? Do you like being able to choose among the myriad of places to dine, shop, and travel? Do you like choosing what meals you can eat, what things you can buy, and what hotels you can stay at while you’re at all these amazing places? Or do you feel some stress? Some may feel more than less? Some of you out there aren’t sure what I’m talking about yet?

How about a career? Would you like to change careers? There are choices out there, but why can’t you choose? Do you find yourself thinking of reasons why things aren’t right for you, more than why they are right for you? Ever see a job advertised that you would want, but it lists qualities you then convince yourself you don’t have? Or the salary is too high and they wouldn’t be interested in you? Or the salary is too low and the commute is too far, and while it seems good…you decide you’re not that interested in it anymore?

The ability to choose is supposed to make us feel better…not worse. Right? We want to improve things for ourselves. So what’s happening? Where’s the “ah”? Sometimes too many choices isn’t all it’s cut out to be. It’s amazing how different, how powerful we become when we have less choices-even one choice. If we lived in a town in which we needed to be employed and there was only one place to get a job, we would do all we could do to get a job at that place. When we got a job at that place we would feel an enormous sense of accomplishment. If we’re diagnosed with a serious illness, we know we need to find the best doctor to treat that illness. We’re on a one-way path with blinders on, until we find that doctor…that best choice. We don’t think about making the “wrong choice”, because during that situation it feels like sink or swim. When you find that doctor (that choice), you feel you’ve done all you can. The fear of not surviving vs. the fear of indecision…there’s NO choice. Survival wins.

It’s the difference between the best choice and the only choice. That same mentality could be carried over to our everyday. It doesn’t have to be used in limited or crisis situations. We don’t live in a limited world, and yes we do come upon crisis situations, but not as frequently as our other day-to-day amazing fun life things.

If the next time you were making a choice, you instead decided not to overanalyze and tried not to fear that you were making the wrong decision and just went with your intuition, what a difference that would make! We’ve made decisions in our life that we thought would turn out better and those that we thought wouldn’t be so good and turned out to go really well. Life is about chances. Almost everything can be changed. That’s life! As usual, love to know your thoughts.