Do you have thoughts about leaving the job you have now and finding a NEW career? Think about a career you’d feel more passionate about? Want to start your own business…one that would honor your natural talents-your PASSION? But you think can’t afford to leave your job yet? Can you stretch your creative “other” wings and start earning extra cash doing something you’d like to do on the side while at your full-time job? How about that exploratory option? It’s a wonderful way to figure out more about yourself slowly, before you jump into something new all the way. Are you tech savvy and feel you could teach a course? Did you go to art school and would like to give a painting class? What are YOUR passions? Do your passions pop into your head or do you have to dig a bit?

I was in the advertising business for over 20 years and loved it. I was in it during the years when budgets to create advertisements were substantial, (not so substantial now) and as a result the mood of all those involved was stupendous as well. I travelled to fun places, ate at terrific restaurants, and my co-workers became my closest friends. I got into Advertising because I grew up watching award winning TV commercials like Alza Seltzer “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”. To actually be a part of that business was like a dream come true. It was a PASSION fulfilled. As a kid in addition to my love of commercials, I was organized, liked solving problems, making deals, creating things, and listening to other people’s stories. These qualities made me a very good TV commercial producer. If I didn’t become a commercial producer I probably would have had a career as an Investigative Reporter-there are some overlaps in that career to coaching.

Just around the time I felt I was becoming “aged-out” in the advertising world, I was diagnosed with my life threatening illness. Slightly before then, I had started to think about what other “passion” I had. I knew I was not going to be growing old in advertising. Old and Advertising are not two words that often go together…for a few people maybe-but not for most.

For me instead, health dominated age; I left the “business”. After more than a year, I dug down deep and realized that while I loved advertising, what I liked about my job in advertising was problem solving. I also was a terrific sounding board and had accumulated many different resources over my years in that business. I knew I’d be a great coach for those interested in discovering their own career passions and direction. I also knew I’d understand if you were still in the advertising business and wanted to make a change.

I was cognizant of some of the Advertising community things that weren’t often spoken about, like how a lot of women are being forced out of the business, demoted, or pushed into freelancing (sometimes advertising, sometimes something else) or stalled in their career advancement. Also, that while it’s an absolutely fantabulous business up until you’re 35 or so, after that you start to feel as though you’re a candidate for Ensure. Since when is 40 or 45 old? Frequently women and often men (men get to feel old later) as they get to be “older”, start to think about reinventing themselves. It’s a good time to think about what is my PASSION. These are some good questions to help get in touch with what that is:

-What do you love to do?

-What 3 things do you most like showing most of all about yourself?

-What is your heart telling you to do?

-Where are you currently doing in your life? Be honest with yourself.

-When have you experienced the greatest joy in your life?

-Are your life goals aligned with your passions and purpose?

Once you gain clarity about your passion, you can ease into it bit by bit. You can start living your new life a little more each day. It’s important that you pay attention to the acknowledgement, reactions, and responses you receive from others, and also how it is that you’re feeling.

Your dreams will come true. Believe in yourself! If it hadn’t been for my health issues I would have ended up changing careers anyway…as I had mentioned I was already on that path. Would I have become a career coach? I don’t know. I probably would have chosen a career along those lines. I’m very glad I’m a coach. It is what I love to do!

I would really like to hear your thoughts in the comments section.