IMG_2209“Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others, usually make no time to correct their own”.

Does this sound familiar? If so, why do you do it? Why do you spend time thinking about what other people aren’t doing right, when you could be using that same amount of time working on making your life better? If someone asks for your opinion and you give it, that’s one thing, but to be giving it on a steady unauthorized basis is quite another. What makes you such an authority on other’s lives? There are several reasons why you may be handing out this free and very often unwanted information.

Here are few reasons you’re spending so much time correcting others:

  1. Working on your own problems may seem more intense than working on the problems of others; your own problems may seem impossible. It’s easier…almost a distraction to look into the faults of others. It’s much less scary to point out where others need to work on themselves. It may give you a feeling of superiority if you help them-you feel good about yourself.
  1. Pointing out what others are doing wrong in some ways makes you feel as though you may not be the only one to make such “stupid mistakes”. You don’t talk about when you do these “wrongs”, but you feel very free to talk about when others make them.
  1. It’s far easier to criticize others than it is to criticize yourself. Whether you voice these things you wish to change or not, you know deep down you want to change them. The longer you redirect and put your energy into finding fault with others, the longer it will take you to overcome your own problems and achieve the level of success you want in your life.

Tips To Handle YOUR Faults:

  1. Accept it. There are those small things, like disorganization or lateness… or other less small things like anger, condescension, or being overly picayune. Then there are much bigger things like alcoholism or gambling. Some things you can solve yourself and others you will need to reach out and receive additional professional help.
  1. Like it? There are those things in our life that make us different. We may see some of these differences as flaws and others that just make up are quirky personalities. Not everything is a flaw. The things mentioned in #1, generally make your life less enjoyable. There are other things that you may feel embarrassed about or see as a flaw, but that actually make you YOU.  Do these things keep you from obtaining what you want it life? If not, wear them-don’t be angry and nervous about them. Think about this.
  1. Write it down. Start with one thing that you would like to change in your life. Be aware of it. Think about when you do it, how you do it. Think about how you can change it. Awareness and the desire to change, are the two biggest steps forward towards correcting what you want to correct.
  1. Onwards. Once you successfully fix your flaw, you will feel a sense of achievement and value from that change. You can then think of the next “weakness” in your life that you would like to correct or rebuild.

Your awareness and commitment will sculpt your successful future. Let the focus be on what flaws you wish to change in yourself, and less on those of others.

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