Ever feel like you’re in that Devo Song “Workin’ In The Coal Mine”? There I go showing my age. If you’ve forgotten or you never knew the song, you can look it up, the title says so much. Do you feel like you’re working long hours at your job, lifting the proverbial heavy load? When Saturdays come around do you feel too tired to have any fun? Maybe it’s beyond that, maybe you also feel like your coworkers are awful, your commute sucks, what you contribute goes unnoticed, or you’re not even noticed enough to contribute anything? Why are you there? It could be because of some of the reasons below, but these shouldn’t keep you from taking control of your career. Do these sound familiar to you?


You need the money!

Think about it though, how long can you continue to stay at a job you don’t like before it becomes obvious that you don’t like it? It could be you start to straggle into work, or your work itself begins to straggle in, but your displeasure will be noticed and then you will be asked to leave, instead you being the one in control and deciding to leave. If you’re one of the many out there that feels you don’t have enough of a “nest egg” to find that job now that is exactly right for you, then begin to get into a transition mindset by beginning to build your nest egg, your resume, and your references. Begin to go to company networking events and expand your connections all with your future job in mind. While you are building your persona, you’ll also get to know about what you like and don’t like about yourself and your abilities, Note to self: Don’t talk to others about your unhappiness.

You hate change!

If you hate change, you’re hanging out with the majority; 80% of the workforce is predisposed to resist change because the present feels safe and stable, and change can be scary. The idea of new people, a new way of having to do things, your insecurities about your abilities, having to adjust to a new commute, step up your wardrobe, whatever you imagine about making the leap of change may lead you to stay at that job you hate. Sound familiar? Is being comfortable in mediocrity keeping you from achieving skills and excellence? Is it worth it?


You like your co- workers!

We often stay at a job we can’t stand because we love the people we work with. It can feel like home when we’re at work and it’s not unusual to receive a certain sense of confirmation when you feel free to talk with others who are just as miserable at their job as you are at yours. Wouldn’t it be better though to work with people who are happy at their job? If you stay at your agonizing job because you don’t want to leave your friends, you should see that for what it is…avoidance. Wouldn’t it be better for you to find a job in which you sense mutual appreciation? Once you’re there you can inspire your former unhappy coworker friends to find their new jobs. You deserve to be FULLY satisfied at your job.


You don’t know what else you’d do!

Is it you don’t like your job, but the idea of finding another one seems too overwhelming? Is the idea of updating your resume and reaching out to people you haven’t talked to in years, or even worse those you don’t know at all inconceivably frightening? If you manage to get yourself past those thoughts, then you will begin to think about what you think you’re lacking to get a new job. It’s too much? Then you’ll just stay at the job that’s not GREAT-but a job. Believe in yourself and anything can be figured out. Let yourself envision how much better your life will be when you have the better job you want to have, not the job for which you’re settling. The power you need to find the job you want then will begin to return to you!


What if my boss found out that I was looking?

This is a big worry or excuse about not looking for a new job. I have a few friends who work in HR and the fear of being caught, is just that…a fear; they haven’t uncovered any of these fleeting souls. When HR meets these people it’s because they’ve resigned or have given their notice. According to Glassdoor over 57% of those looking for work are either full-time or part-time employed, so if you’ve decided to look, you wouldn’t be alone. It might be awkward if your boss found out you were looking for another job, but if that moment were to happen it could be a chance to share why you were looking for other employment. Remember that you have made your decision for a reason. Very few people stay at the same job forever.


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