Do you think eveIMG_0583ry little thing you do is magic? I doubt it! There’s always room for improvement. Sometimes there’s more room in areas for some than for others. Are you as good a listener as you’d like to be? Do the people you love think so? Are you thoughtful? When you come up with a plan, do you stick to it? Do you overspend, spend too little, or spend just the right amount? What do the people you’re spending on, or with think about your spending? Do you tell the truth? Do you even know anymore if you’re lying or have you come to believe your own made up stories? Are you doing all you could do to be all you could be, or have you become comfortable blaming other people or circumstances on why you’re stuck where you are?

These things are just some things that we do-there are plenty more. Why do we do them? It could be that we learned them from our parents? It could be that we’ve come to believe that one thing is easier than the other? It could be that we may not even know or understand what it is that we’re doing? If you were told that you were a liar, or thoughtless, or bad with money, would that come as a shock to you? If you were told these things would you think the “teller” had some nerve? Maybe you would think they had an issue, or plan to be saying such a thing? It’s hard to unravel the mystery unless you yourself can see it.

In so many books, be they business books, psychology, or coaching books, it is written in many different ways how the most successful people in our culture, are the ones that continually evaluate themselves. When was the last time you did some evaluating?

I evaluate on a pretty steady basis. Just recently I had a bit of a small eye-opening experience. I have been told frequently that I’m very honest; some people have felt that I’ve been too honest. I know now from having lived quite a few years from when I first heard this, that there’s some people out there that don’t want to know what you want to say even if they ask for it. I’ve learned to deliver my honesty in a more cushioned form, but none-the-less, it’s still the truth. I didn’t know why I was like that. Many other people seemed to be fine lying to different degrees. There are those that are “white liars” to those that maybe think they are telling a “white lie”, to those that are outright storytellers. I had an unraveling experience recently when I realized that the reason I’m so into the truth is that my family is big into creative fabrication. This didn’t register with me because it was so much a part of how I grew up that I didn’t even bother to look at it. Then I did. At some point in my life I must have decided that I was going to be the opposite. At some point I had evaluated myself. I don’t remember when that was, but I did. Evaluating is key to success for so many reasons. Love your thoughts.