Meet Heidi Gottlieb

Transitional Coach, ACC, CPC

I have been captivated by transitional experiences ever since I can remember. I see coaching as a tool for both a personal and community metamorphosis. My vision as a transitional coach is to help those who are going through change to reinvent themselves, to expand their inner and outer circles, and to appreciate themselves more. I know what these things are about, I’ve been there.

As a coach/consultant I delight in supporting my clients make changes in themselves, such as advancing from one job to another 💼, retiring, living on their own for the first time, moving from one house to another 🏡 , recovering from an illness 😷, beginning, or ending a relationship to name a few.

I help my clients make that mental leap over the bridge between what is and what can be; I hold the perception and encouragement to help them realize windows of possibility that are right in front of them.

Some of my biggest transitional life experiences have been that I started my own television commercial production company which was successful for over twenty years and that I survived brain cancer. I worked with dozens of celebrities and produced hundreds of well-known commercials.

My innate ability to negotiate deals, organize and schedule a multitude of events at the same time made me perfect for that business. I just loved it! But after being diagnosed with cancer I had to close my company; my job then was to stay alive.

After surviving brain cancer, I decided to walk 250 miles from New York to Massachusetts General Hospital where I had been treated, to bring attention to the need for more research and funding for brain cancer. During that walk I had many deep-thinking enlightening hours. I was ready for my next challenge. We all face decisions where we can feel confused, unsure, and worried about what our right paths should be. I never imagined having to deal with what I had been dealt with in my life, but I also knew that the feeling of achievement that we desire comes from taking difficult steps at times to get us where we want. 👏 I would not have chosen what had happened to me, but I felt it made me better able to make bolder decisions afterward, it would enable me to understand and help others go further than they imagined on their own. Like Albert Einstein said, you only fail when you stop trying.

I became curious about life coaching and applied to the International Coach Academy for my Life Coaching Certification. I was sold! It clarified coaching as being a partnership with clients as a thought stimulating process where coaches encourage them to reach trememdous potential. I knew then I would be even better able to integrate my own experiences in business and life transition to support others going through change to discover their happiest lives. I launched my own coaching practice.

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I hold a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, I received my Associate Coach Certification from the Int’l Coaching Federation, I am the Director and Owner of the non-profit-Brain Matters, Inc., we raise funds and public awareness for brain cancer research. I write extensively about my personal experiences, my writings have appeared in HuffPost, I have been interviewed by Cure Today, Patch Magazine, Providence Magazine, Bostonia Magazine, and Good Housekeeping to name a few. I am available for public speaking.

I love the outdoors, bird watching 🐦, dogs 🐕, theatre 🎭, walking, kayaking, eating chocolate, eating ice cream 🍨. My husband and I have raised two extremely successful girls (women). I love writing ✍️, there are days that my brain can feel stuffed with things, but when I give myself the permission to write, no matter what comes out, I love how unstuffed it becomes. I try to write every day. I’m thinking of offering a journaling course to my clients, so they too can become unstuffed.

If you really want to do something you will find a way especially if you have help. I invite you to set up an intro session and we create new opportunities for you.

Let’s get started-

Heidi Gottlieb, ACC, CPC
Life Transition Coach
Life Coaching Matters, Inc.