Everyone should have a life coach, and if it were possible, everyone should have Heidi as their coach. She is wonderful. Each week she helped me navigate through professional and personal challenges and her advice made a big difference (for the better). Specifically, she helped me overcome my fear of failure, and taking things too personally. She taught me how to develop a roll off my back attitude, which was just what I needed. I looked forward to my sessions with Heidi and you will too.


Advertising Executive, New York City

I recently had the opportunity to do a series of life coaching sessions with Heidi Gottlieb. Heidi is an awesome life coach. From our very first session, I felt an instant trust and connection with Heidi. Through stellar listening, powerful questioning, and insightful feedback, she supported me in making some key changes in several personal and very important areas of my life. I experienced a tremendous shift in my “being”, having greater self awareness, and many new insights during and in between our coaching sessions. Heidi supported me in creating specific action plans to move forward in some very important areas of my personal life. I gained tremendous value by working with Heidi and finished our 12-week series of sessions feeling more empowered than ever before!

Gayle Nobel

Author, Phoenix, AZ

Heidi is an empathetic and supportive coach. I always left our sessions with a greater sense of clarity and calmness.

Linda Mueller

Consultant, Chicago, IL

After one session with Heidi, I said to myself, “Wow! What a great coach.” When speaking with her via telephone, you feel like you are in the same room. She gives you absolute attention and you know she is listening from the questions she asks. Heidi has real life experience that you cannot help but identify with…no matter what type of experience you’ve been through, you know instantly you can relate. She’s laid-back and humorous and kept me laughing a few times which I loved because humor is one of the best medicines. Coaching with Heidi proved to be worth every minute.

Donna Holland Barnes

PhD, Washington D.C. Metro Area

Working with Heidi was extremely helpful during a big transition in my life. She kept me focused on what’s important and perhaps more significantly, was skillful at getting me to recognize my innate abilities and how to use them. She’s perceptive, encouraging and honest – everything you want a Life Coach to be!

Jody S

Business Development Consultant, East Hampton

Heidi is very patient and well organized, and a really great motivator. She is caring, understanding, gentle and had the ability to bring out the best in me and give me the strategies that helped me achieve my goals. She helped me have more confidence in myself as I was embarking on a new career as a teacher. She has been a great support. She helped me evaluate the things that gave me energy and the things that drained my energy level. Coaching helped me focus on the important things in my life that bring me joy and a more balanced life.

Fatou Ba

Teacher, Washington D.C. Metro Area

I was coached by Heidi in a very crucial time in my life, I found her ability to really listen, her deep understanding of human struggle, and her empathy while still being objective and non-judgemental through the whole process to be such amazing qualities of Heidi’s as a coach.

Hanan Ibrahim

Chicago, IL

Heidi has an incredible balance between empathy, intense listening, and challenging me to move forward. She has a calm assertive energy that makes me want to open up without worrying that I will be judged, interrupted, or devalued in my perspective.

I will always hold significant appreciation for Heidi because one of our coaching sessions was scheduled for the night before we had to put our dog down. She recognized that dogs are family to us and seamlessly slipped from a genuinely caring coach to a non-judgmental best friend walking the painful journey with me. Her honest presence is like getting a hug of comfort to my spirit

Christina Eder

Knoxville, TN