IMG_0590Are you in the process of moving towards another stage in your life? Maybe you’re working on getting to the next step in your career? You have to PUSH!! You have to Persist Until Something Happens. You’ve heard this before I’m sure. You have to push yourself because if YOU don’t, no else is going to do it for you. You might have people telling you what you should be doing…what you need to be doing, but you’re the only one that’s capable of actually doing the “do’s”. Here are several ways to fuel yourself:

  1. 1. Don’t Judge Yourself – Very few things will bring yourself down faster than being your own worst enemy. If you’ve made an error, that’s what it is…an error. You learn from it and move on. The most successful people have spoken about how their mistakes have been what built their extreme successes. I’ve blogged about this before. PUSH ahead.
  1. Reach For Inner Strength – Most of us don’t tap into our inner strength. We’ve been conditioned to live small and not to overdue ourselves. You are stronger than you think. Use your strength. What’s that expression, “you can sleep when you’re dead”? That’s extreme of course; we definitely need our sleep, but you can PUSH yourself.
  1. Learn, Learn, Learn – The only way to acquire new skills is to learn them. Yes, you may not get it right away, but that’s how you learn…that’s how you succeed. PUSH yourself.
  1. Recycle Your Talents – This is great if you’re in the midst of change. Are you thinking of changing your job? Has your job been changed for you? I just recently read “When Smart People Fail” by Carole Hyatt & Linda Gottlieb. The book was published in the late 80’s, but the information is still relevant. The book is great. They wrote “In thinking through your past, it is important to remember that nothing any of us ever does is wasted; it can all be recycled into new opportunities.” PUSH yourself.
  1. Do a Little More – Push yourself to do a bit more than you did yesterday. Big results come from making small changes over time. Instead of imagining how insurmountable the things you want to do are to accomplish, think instead about how you can get 1% better every day. Over a month’s time that’s a lot of improvement. It’s little steps. You just have to PUSH yourself.
  1. Know Who You Are – Your jobs may come and go-your direction may change over time. But if you can think clearly about who you are and what your talents and skills are, you will have choices for the rest of your life. You will be able to continue to PUSH forward.

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