“I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” ~Thomas A. Edison

How many staggeringly good ideas have you had that haven’t had the outcome you were sure they were going to have? You plotted, planned, connected, invested lots of time, perhaps lots of money, but your splendiferous idea didn’t work out? What did you do next? Did you take what you learned and think of your next idea? Did you sink into despair for a day, a week or much, much longer? Have you tried so many times to make things work that you’ve lost all your energy to try again? I’ve had that feeling! I take a break and move forward. What if you stopped trying just before your dream was about to materialize? Every little step you take is magic. Check out these motivators:

1) Clear Vision – Knowing what you want is key to everything in life. Having a goal is key. Figure out what it is that you want to accomplish, base it on your passion and believe wholeheartedly in your being able to achieve it. If you don’t feel that passion, then someone else will be able to convince you to go in another direction, or you will become easily distracted. Never stop visualizing your competitors-continue to advance a little bit forward every day-a little bit each day accumulates to a lot over a week, a month, and a year. Continually move your vision forward in your mind.

2) Reprogram – Often we’d rather live in a state of boredom, despair, or perhaps fantasy, than to take a risk and see the project we’ve imagined become successful. We fear failing because of our ego. We’re a hodgepodge of perceptions and expectations about what others think about us. Have you ever felt close to taking a chance, but had that thought of what others will think about you if it doesn’t work out? You have to refuse to let pride stop you from taking positive actions that will liberate you from mediocrity. Reprogram your mind through positive affirmations. Declare yourself as someone who loves to learn, is courageous, resilient and the one who finishes what they start.

3) Inner Dialogue- This may be one of the most important motivators. How to communicate effectively with yourself. How much to do you talk to yourself? What are you saying? If the questions you are asking are negative, then they automatically attract negative answers – which disrupts your focus and sends distress signals to the body and feelings of discouragement. If you ask a question like “Why is it that I am a failure?” You will probably get an answer such as “Because that’s just what you are.” So the key is to ask positive questions such as “How can I be successful? What can I do to achieve? Who can I learn from? What can I learn from this setback?” Master how to give positive answers to all your negative thoughts. Ensure no internal dialogue within you is ended without you coming out in victory. Dominate your inner chatter; it is the key for winning.

4) Skill – “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.” This iconic phrase from Disneyland is what many of us have grown up to think success is about. We think we wish for it and it will come. Others think if you have enough money anything is possible. Yes, it’s great to have that magic wand, and of course it’s great to already have money, but success is about so many other things. Success is a skill. Discouragement is inevitable when you don’t know “how” and what it takes to succeed. Success will require, courage, hard work, faith and patience. Your success will require more than desire, you will have to cultivate valuable skills necessary for high achievements.

5) Positivity Your mental attitude sets the height of your perseverance in any given situation. If you’re negative, it will repel any action that is not consistent with its contents. Your mind-set controls your productivity. When you choose a mind-set, you choose a future. If you’ve already been convinced subconsciously that you will not succeed in what you wish to accomplish, your outcome will confirm it. Be Positive.

 6) Break Loose From The PastGive up your past failure history and see today as the first day of the rest of your life. Need I say more! Love your thoughts as always!