Technology has become a huge part of how we define who we are-we share our thoughts and feelings as we’re having them. Some of us more than others.  I can actually remember a time not so long ago that if I had a feeling, I’d be more likely to make a call, than to send a text. Imagine that? Now sometimes, if I want to ignite a feeling, I type a text or tweet a tweet. The problem with the way things are now is “I share therefore I am”, and if we don’t have those connections, we don’t feel like we are “all we can be”. So what to do? We connect more and more. But in the process, we may end up feeling more alone because we really don’t know these “connections”…these “followers”.

We don’t want to stop though because there’s a swap. The more we connect the more followers we have. The more followers we have the more successful we feel, and appear to be to the outside world. That’s a likeable thing. It also makes us feel part of something, and could make us feel like we’re “popular”. But these followers don’t know us. Our virtual communities are for the most part, not our friends. Maybe there are some that are, for a bit, at times…but not like face-to-face friends. All these followers, and what? The key is not what others think of the facade, or what you think they think of that outside persona, but what you’re thinking and doing. Are you exploring and expanding your life’s passion(s)? The success will come. Remember: “build it, they will come”!!!

We end up feeling isolated if we don’t work on our capacity for solitude. Solitude is that time where we find ourselves, and are able to reach out to other people and form real attachments. When we don’t have the capacity for solitude, we turn to other people in order to feel less anxious or to feel alive. When this happens, we aren’t able to appreciate who those other people are. It’s like we’re using them as spare parts to support our fragile selves. We slip into thinking that being connected is going to make us feel less lonely. But we’re at risk, because actually it’s the opposite that’s true. If we’re not able to be alone, we’re going to be more lonely.

Love your work! Feel that total sense of commitment. Do what you want to do and the time will fly by and you won’t believe how much time you’ve given to what it is that you’ve been working on? You won’t be able to wait to get up in the morning to start initiating the thoughts you dreamed about overnight! Yes, you blog, you tweet, you facebook and text…there’s other people out there. You may be connecting with thousands of them a day, but do you feel like you’re with those people? Not really, they’re closer than they’ve ever been, which is what’s great about social media, but they’re not there for you everyday, they’re like neighbors that we see on the way to work in the morning. But, it’s different than friends.

Love your friends, love your family, and your career. Feel that total sense of commitment. Let yourself experience that feeling that you can’t believe how much time you’ve been giving to what it is that you’ve been working on. Let yourself feel the excitement of wanting to get up in the morning and start all over again on your “passions”, as you blog, tweet, and facebook about it. If you believe and love what you are doing, you may be alone in the world of technology, but you will not be lonely. Social Media should be a part of our way to connect…just a part. It has become swapped for other methods.

Don’t forget to step out into the “real world” to meet and greet and share your interests and expertise. Pick up the phone and call people you know or want to know. Not everything is about emails and texts. Soon phone calling will be a lost art like typing on a typewriter with all fingers. Have a most excellent day. Please let me know your thoughts.