“The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time” ~Thomas Edison. What is it that you are trying to accomplish right now in your life? What in your life have you tried to create and it didn’t work out soon enough or the way you wanted and you decided instead of spending the time to change it to be the way you imagined it could be, you “gave in”, “gave up” and let what you thought could be terrific, become NOTHING? Why? Was it taking too much of your time or your energy? Did you have some preconceived idea about how much time it would take to accomplish what you would need to see materialize? Sometimes things can take longer than you though they would. If you really BELIEVE-you get on that ladder and you climb. Don’t give up on yourself! You continue to do what you need to do in your life to live, and you honor your responsibilities to yourself and to the others to which you have made commitments. But you keep CLIMBING YOUR DREAM LADDER. You climb as though your life depended on it.

It’s the climb and the ultimate accomplishment of your thoughts and dreams that honors your hardwork and passion. Don’t take in other people’s negative thoughts and opinions about what plans you have. There will be nay-sayers along the route to your success. I’ve lived it. My perseverance has helped me both personally and in business. I absolutely believe I wouldn’t be here today were it not for my belief in the fact that if you want something, and if you try, it will come true. I don’t take NO for an answer, unless it becomes obvious somewhere along the way that I need to make some changes. You may have to make adjustments…this is often the case as one becomes more educated while climbing their DREAM LADDER. Remember though, “Fairy tales can come true they can happen to you”.

Recently I met someone who heard about a job that had opened up at the company she’s working-she was really happy and thought that she was an excellent candidate for the job. It would be a step up from her present position. She told her friend and co-worker that she was going to apply for the job. Her “friend” told her that she didn’t think she was experienced enough and she wasn’t right for the job. Her “friend” said: “you’re wasting her time”. Besides the fact that this isn’t a very supportive friend, (which is a whole other issue), how could this friend know she wouldn’t be a candidate for this job or not? She wasn’t in the department. She wasn’t in Human Resources. Regardless of how ill-informed the “friend” may have been, this person thinking of applying for the job was not going to even apply to the job until I suggested she climb her DREAM LADDER. I said: “You should believe in herself, and apply for the job. What do you have to lose? Why are you giving up on yourself?” She appreciated the support. She applied to the job and she got it. Happy Day!

There are always things that stand in our way, but often the largest thing that stands in our way-is ourselves. Move aside and make way for your life to prosper.