“Think Positive, Be Positive and Positive things will Happen”. I read this quote over a decade ago, but I’ve thought about it often over the years. Life is mixed with all sorts of ups and downs. I myself have had both those amazing ups and formidable downs when I’ve thought, “How did I get here? or What now? What will be my next rocky step on the road to my success? The sooner I start walking again, the sooner I’ll get there!”

During those “break out the champagne moments”, it’s easy to be positive. In fact, it’s probably those moments that helps confirm your thoughts and plans. It’s the other side, the more challenging side-the ones where you feel that you can’t find that missing piece to the puzzle that you really have to cling to your positivity. I’ve had health moments, career moments, and other abstract moments that I thought I had worked through them and worked them out. But they weren’t worked through…or worked out. However, I remained positive that they would. And they did. I had jobs that I wanted that I wasn’t offered because they turned out not to be the right job for me. Instead another job that was more suited to my background and talents that I didn’t even see on the horizon-happened. I had a rare cancerous brain tumor-that was able to be treated; I was told statistically that survival was not in my favor, but I found a doctor who felt differently…who felt more positive. Business and life connections that seemed perfect, but didn’t connect, in retrospect were a stroke of positivity. Those connections for different reasons would not have been as good as they seemed at the time. These were exchanged with much better options. It’s positivity that keeps you waiting for your specials times. In those times when you feel like throwing in the proverbial towel, reach for POSITIVITY and think these few things:

  1. Think Big! Why Not? That’s what gets you feeling positive.
  2. Take Things in Baby Steps. Nothing can be accomplished all at once.
  3. Work and You Will Achieve. To quote the movie Field of Dreams “Build it they will come”. No goal is too challenging if you have the belief to put in the work.