"Opportunities Don't
Happen, You Create Them"




Are You Too “Whatever” To Ask Questions?

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So many of us are too afraid, too shy, too embarrassed, or too “whatever” to ask questions. What could be worse than seeming like we don’t know everything? How can be learn if don’t ask? We go to school to learn, but most of us have those memories of being called on in class and [...]

Trying to Find a New Job, or Enhance Your Present Job? 4 Awesome Ways to Let the SunShine In!

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1. We can’t be happy all of the time. If we were, we wouldn’t know the difference. Acknowledge the sad side. It’s just as normal to feel insecure or concerned, as it is normal to feel excited or happy. It’s important to appreciate all that we’re going through, instead of beating ourselves up for what [...]

A Goal is Only As Good As It’s User

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Most of us have had our certain goals, some have been small, some have been quite large. Some of those goals have grown as we’ve grown. Do you have any goals you’d like to reach now? You’d like to be accepted into a certain college? Travel to a certain place by a certain age? Make [...]

It’s Almost Halloween…Boo!!!

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Remember when you were little and Halloween scared you? Maybe you were one of those brave ones? We all have fears though. What are YOU afraid of? Are you afraid of not being able to pay your bills? Afraid of getting older? Afraid of rejection? Afraid of weight gain or weight loss? Yes, there are those out [...]